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    Ammarnäs Guidecenter aims at providing you
    as guest an experience worth to remember.
    Photo: Peter Schmitt
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    Rent a cottage in Ammarnäs
    We have a number of cottages for rent
    Photo: Peter Schmitt
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    Dream fishing in exemption waters in the Ammarnäs mountains
    Photo: Staffan Widstrand
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    Training camps with classic skiing & skate
    Photo: Peter Schmitt
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    Come with us up on the mountain and fish for char!
    Photo: Peter Schmitt
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    Experience the mountain in a new way wearing snowshoes!
    Photo: Peter Schmitt
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    Snowmobile Safari
    The snowmobile is the obvious means of transportation in the winter
    Photo: Peter Schmitt
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    Bird Watching
    Experience the bird life in Ammarnäs in May
    Photo: Hans Lindborg
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    We have exclusive packages with a guide to Sjöforsen
    Photo: Peter Schmitt
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    Ammarnäs offers world class grayling fishing.
    Tjulån and the Vindel River with its large grayling.
    Photo: Guidecenter
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    Ammarnäs Trout
    Chasing the Ammarnäs Trout in the summer night is
    without doubt a fishing experience of class.
    Photo: Imre Marton
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    Hike the surrounding trails
    The village's well-developed surrounding trails provides you with
    the real feeling of wilderness without great hardships.
    Photo: Kinna Persson

One village, endless possibilities

Summer, winter and autumn. Fishing, hiking, multi & winter sports. Ammarnäs offers all outdoor enthusiasts a variety of activities and it’s just your imagination that sets the limits. We at Ammarnäs Guidecenter are here to help you to a really good experience when you are in Ammarnäs.

Winter 2018/2019: Snowmobile safari, snowshoeing, winter fishing, northern light tours and business events


We’ll help you plan your experience with us according to the prevailing conditions.


We decide what to do together so that everyone is happy with what awaits.


We head off and you have access to all our knowledge to make the tour as successful as possible.


You’ll receive the same service from us that we ourselves expect when we're out on our own trips.

Welcome to Guidecenter

Ammarnäs Guidecenter is there to provide you with the best possible service during your stay in Ammarnäs. We make sure you have the right maps, flies and other things that might come in handy.

  • Fishing licenses and guide cards
  • Maps and equipment
  • Flies and leaders
  • Accommodation and food

We treat others as we ourselves wish to be treated. We focus on you as a guest to provide you with the best possible from your visit with us in Ammarnäs.

Peter Schmitt, CEO